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We will help you grow your firm and reach your goals by using data, customized marketing campaigns, and cohesive reporting tactics.

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Martinez & Associates

Personal Injury Law Firm

By utilizing our full range of services, we have built a comprehensive campaign for this client to maximize lead generation and increase brand identity.



Traditional &
Digital Media Campaigns

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Your priority should be representing your clients and closing cases.

We will help you grow your firm and reach your goals by using data, customized marketing campaigns, and cohesive reporting tactics.

Increasing Lead Traffic

Organic traffic and word-of-mouth referrals have their limitations. People oftentimes turn to Google to find a law firm they can trust. The combination of the following marketing tactics curated by our team is designed to get your firm more reliable leads:

Google Ads

Based on a daily budget, we will design a campaign that gets you an optimal top-of-page rate so your business is the first thing prospective clients see when they search Google. We will utilize a mix of keyword word search, local search, and customer match ad placements to create a campaign that will bring in new clients.

Graphic Design Retainer

Our team of expert Graphic Designers will create ad creative that is on-brand, carries the appropriate tone, and is appealing to the target demographic. Under our Graphic Design Retainer, you have access to unlimited designs by our team.

Lead Management Software

AI helps facilitate and manage leads so you don’t have to. Pairing this software with our website management, and Google ad campaigns, we not only have created a list of easy-to-access leads, we are able to track where they came from, and we have the ability to remarket to them in the future.

Website Management

Whether you have an existing website or need one built from scratch, our team can help. The web developers work alongside our copy team to design a site that is cohesive, aesthetically pleasing, and has high functionality.

Increase Brand Awareness

The most successful brands have a cohesive branding style and are memorable to their audience. Staying relevant to your target audience creates brand loyalty, thus reassuring your customers will not only come back but will begin to create word-of-mouth referrals.

Social Media Management

Having a strong social media presence is key to keeping an engaged audience. Our team of content creators will schedule customized posts on a monthly basis. By utilizing a mix of organic content, gifs, videos, and graphics, we will grow your engagement levels and make sure your brand stays relevant.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media can achieve a variety of objectives, depending on your firm’s Key Performance Indicators. We can create a like campaign designed to drive more traffic to your pages.

Traditional Media Buys

70% of people consciously look at billboards while they’re driving. Using our extensive database, we can buy media spots based on your audience’s high traffic areas. Additionally, we can negotiate with any media partner to get your commercials on air at a cost-effective rate.

Video Production

Our production team has over 10 years of experience in producing high-quality work suitable for TV, online publishing, and more. We have the ability to shoot a commercial and edit for both 15-second and 30-second spots. By having a variety of cuts, we are able to place your platform across a variety of media such as Pre-roll, OTT, CTV, social media, and more.

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